Professional photography by Torin Halsey

Backstage Chair

Backstage Red Chair    Backstage Red Chair

This is one of my favorite recent photos, shot way back behind backstage at Memorial Auditorium several months ago. I had finished shooting a series of promotional photographs for the Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra during a dress rehearsal. That in itself was a lot of fun because I got to roam in and around various musicians on stage, shooting interesting angles of instruments large and small while they played.

So, it had been a good day already when I decided to poke around a little and play “I wonder what’s behind this door” and “hmmm, let’s see where this hallway leads”. Some of my favorite images are taken in places where the general public isn’t allowed to go. This was one of those places. It was so far backstage, I think it was only for utility workmen or maintenance staff . Notice the crude construction block and sloppy mortar work of the wall. And the floor looks rough and unfinished. The lighting is a bare light bulb hanging here and there. As I passed through, the red chair caught my eye and I had to take the photo. The elegant style of the chair is such a contrast to the surroundings with its smooth, bentwood frame and slightly contoured seat and back. Yet the red paint, scratched and thin, harmonizes with the coarse environment just enough.    Nikon D3s, 24-70mm @ 35mm, shutter 1/15th, ISO 2500, f-3.3.


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