Professional photography by Torin Halsey

The Old Truck

Seymour Truck

Seymour Truck

I came across this old pickup truck on pass through Seymour a couple of years ago. I love things that are old and decaying but still have a lot of character left,  so I was kind of drawn to the old Chevy resting and rusting out in the field.  I like to imagine what this pickup was like when it was brand new – when the owner first drove it home from the dealership.  How proud he must have been. Then, as I walk around the hulk of decomposing iron, with weeds slowly taking over, I think how sad the owner might have been as it was driven one last time, or dragged out into the pasture, never to run again.

I like its bulbous features and exaggerated grill. I remember, as I framed the shot, standing at eye level, it looked a little too boring and there were some telephone poles and newer structures in the background that really detracted from the photo. However, as I crouched down low, three things happened. The poles were now hidden behind the shape of the truck. The beautiful blue sky and wispy clouds became more pronounced in the background. And most importantly, the old truck seemed to have a more stately, dignified appearance. I felt like it still deserved some respect and I bet the old hauler could tell a few stories if I’d had the time to sit and listen…


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